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One Woman, Two Corgi Team 

        Once Upon A Corgi is a small team of one woman and her two corgis creating luxury hand dyed and hand painted yarns and fibers that will satisfy your speckled, variegated and semi-solid needs. 

          As most crafters in our time do, I began knitting and crocheting as a young child (around 6-8) My mother taught me and all my siblings, probably in hopes that just for five minutes all four of us would just sit down quietly and stop moving. The fiber arts fell from my hands until the last couple years in high school when I discovered Dr. Who and of course needed to make that famous scarf. I still have not finished it. College came and went, yarn made some appearances as I focused on the study of alternative processes of 19th century style photography and photographic printing, cementing in my heart of hearts that making in some way or the other is what I needed to be doing. 

         Out of college I got the coveted dream job in the city in my field, which meant a 2 hour commute in the morning and a 2.5 hour commute home. Surprise surprise, knitting came back full force. Soon there wasn't a moment of time that I wasn't trying to sneak in just one more stitch, one more row. After two years knitting and crocheting apparently weren't enough and I started dyeing yarn and then fiber and then more yarn. 

       Soon Once Upon A Corgi Handmade was born and became the fiber child of my dreams. 

August 2016 I made the choice that the fiber world is where I belonged and wanted to thrive and grow and went Indie Dyer Full Time. 

        Our goals as a yarn peddler is to bring new fibers into the rotation of knitters, crocheters, weavers and sometimes spinners by seeking out different bases with fiber content including, but not limited to, Corriedale, Polwarth, BFL, Romney, Cheviot and hopefully many more.           


Small Batch Yarn

All yarns are individually dyed, while consistency is strived after some variations will occur in skeins.

When using more than one of the same color in a project alternating skeins is recommended.  

The yarn is dyed with professional grade acid dyes and citric acid